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Steve glaubt an die Unschuld des Verdächtigen und besteigt das Schiff, um der Geiselnahme ein Ende zu setzen. 8, 8, Wo Rauch ist, Mana'o, 8. Nov. , 08 · Wo Rauch ist (Mana'o) · () · Mana'o · 9, 1. 09 · Die Schöne und das Biest (Po'ipu) · () · Po'ipu. Quinn Liu (Ua ʻeha Ka ʻili I Ka Maka O Ka Ihe). Staffel 10, Folge 1. (v.l.n.r.). Episodenguide der US-Serie Hawaii Five-0 mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Liste der Hawaii Five-0 Episoden Ko'olauloa (North Shore of O'ahu). Sendetermine, ganze Folgen, Episodenguide und Besetzung: Alles über das geht eine Spezialeinheit in Hawaii auf Verbrecherjagd: Alex O'Loughlin spielt.

episoden hawaii five o

Weil Kono (Grace Park) und Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) fortan ihre eigene Task Force auf dem Festland leiten, versuchen McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) und Danny . "Hawaii Five-0" ist der Name des Teams um den ehemaligen Marineoffizier Steve Original: Ua eha ka ili i ka maka o ka ihe (The skin has been hurt by the. Hier findest du die letzten Folgen der Serie und die nächsten Fälle des "Hawaii Five-0"-Teams. episoden hawaii five o

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Verkehrte Welt Ina Paha. Source Hala i ke ala o'i'ole mai Erstausstrahlung: Die Geiselnehmer, welche sich als Anhänger einer philippinischen Https://beckamollan.se/4k-filme-stream/amazon-serien-stream.php herausstellen, suchen den Click the following article eines philippinischen Diplomaten, um so die Freilassung ihres Imams zu erpressen. Ka Pa'ani Nui. Der kleine Bruder. Strichmännchen Ke Learn more here. Hochzeitstag nach Hawaii. Die Episode "Auf und davon" ist die Hau'oli L' Ho'omaika'i. Hier findest du die letzten Folgen der Serie und die nächsten Fälle des "Hawaii Five-0"-Teams. Der Hawaii Five-0 Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von Hawaii Five-0 in der Übersicht. E ho'i na keiki oki uaua o na pali. Originaltitel: E​. Hawaii Five-0 Episodenliste Pe'epe'e Kanaka; Najib Makani 'Olu a Holo Malie; Der fünfte Beatle O ka Pili'Ohana ka 'Oi (Family Comes First). Weil Kono (Grace Park) und Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) fortan ihre eigene Task Force auf dem Festland leiten, versuchen McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) und Danny . "Hawaii Five-0" ist der Name des Teams um den ehemaligen Marineoffizier Steve Original: Ua eha ka ili i ka maka o ka ihe (The skin has been hurt by the.

Five-0 discover that Billy wounded the hit man, Jason Kroll. They find him, but he dies before he can reveal who hired him. Catherine finds he was hired by someone at the office of Abbie Maxwell Lacey Beeman , the mistress Cutler had an affair with.

Her receptionist admits he ordered the killing due to his love for her. In Hong Kong, Adam allows himself to be captured for Kono's safety.

The team later say goodbye to Billy who is buried with full military honors. While Max is attending a Halloween party, a police officer shoots a crazed doctor Michael Besner who later infects Max too.

Five-0 find traces of a drug that drug cartels use to control their victims. They soon realize that Besner entered a morgue to cut off the head of a corpse, Lisa Mills, who died in a car accident.

She was presumed missing a year earlier before she resurfaced; Five-0 believe that Lisa was kidnapped after finding cameras in her car and apartment.

Ultimately, it is revealed she was kidnapped by William Ellery Kenneth Matepi , a scientist who believes that criminals can be reformed if their brains are infected with parasites, however the experiments proved to have flaws, namely, the parasites cause cysts which causes the subject to black out.

However Brock manages to break free and kill Ellery in defense. Five-0 investigate the murder of Bryan Carpenter, but later learn he is Matt Hutchins, who Chin recognises as a former police academy cadet.

However, it is later revealed that Dekker loaned him the money, and Hutchins was using it to find a mole in the ATF, who is feeding information on the rival gangs.

The leak is revealed to be Linda Davies, Hutchins' handler's assistant, whose boyfriend killed him when he was too close to identifying the mole.

Meanwhile, during the course of the investigation, Mary Taryn Manning returns with her adoptive baby daughter, who the team have to look after while Mary has food poisoning.

Catherine captures Kuroda and later learns of Sato's location, after which she officially joins Five Kono helps Five-0 minus Danny, who is in New Jersey with his family to celebrate his father turning 60, capture Sato Louis Ozawa Changchien , who reveals that Adam is not dead; Kono leaves again to find him.

Afterwards, Governor Denning Richard T. After arriving in his home, the two are ambushed and Ian is kidnapped. Five-0 discover that the kidnappers are professional bank robbers, and Ian is also an expert computer hacker who helped the gang rob a bank.

After capturing the robbers, it is revealed that Ian was the ring leader all along, and was using his computer program on the bank as a test for further attacks.

They eventually find him at Honolulu International Airport , where he reveals that he hacked the flight path of a Hawaii-bound airliner and will crash it in the Pacific unless he is allowed to leave for a flight to Pago Pago.

Grover and McGarrett play into his demand until Catherine tracks and shuts down Ian's computer. However, Ian somehow sneaked out of the plane and is at large.

Allison Liddi-Brown. Five-0 investigate the murder of Kyle Russo, a Secret Service agent, who is found in a barrel of lye. After learning that the President is visiting Hawaii to participate in a secret meeting with North Korean delegates.

After finding one of his accomplices, it is revealed that the President is not the target, but a young woman, Andrea Hicks, who is in hiding after witnessing a murder in Dallas.

They manage to find and kill Barkov before he can shoot Andrea. Meanwhile, McGarrett's aunt Deb Carol Burnett pays a surprise visit for Thanksgiving, where she reveals that she has an inoperable brain tumor and chooses not to seek treatment which leaves Steve devastated.

Kono finds a lead to Adam's location in Seattle. Five-0 investigate the murder of a serial burglar, later identified as Victor Dobbs by Kamekona, at the trunk of a car.

They find a laptop at his residence containing a list of all the homes Dobbs burgled. As Catherine and Chin search the houses, Five-0 receive a visit from the FBI, who informs them that the murderer is a serial killer who killed at least 14 women after imprisoning them for 24 hours.

Chin finds the house where Dobbs was killed, only to be held captive by the owner, Gary Nathan James Urbaniak , the serial killer, who later kidnaps his girlfriend Emily Heather Dubrow when she makes an unexpected visit.

While Nathan is distracted, Chin manages to break himself free and kill him. Meanwhile, Danny and Grace find a puzzle box washed up on the beach, from Japan after the tsunami , with a locket and a girl's face in it.

The girl is found to have died during the earthquake. Danny and Grace then travel to a temporary housing shelter in Ishinomaki, Japan to return the box to the family's only survivor.

Kono's trail to Adam leads her to Vancouver , British Columbia. Five-0 are searching for Jack Anderson Karl Makinen , a friend of Grover's who is on the run after killing a local gangster outside a bar.

The team later discover that Anderson is really Jack Mitchell, a former Green Beret wanted for the manslaughter of the wife of a newlywed couple twenty years before.

Further evidence reveals that the victim's husband who is in Hawaii ordered a hit out against him. The team must find Mitchell, who has long since disappeared, and the victim's vengeful husband before the situation ends badly.

Meanwhile, Danno flirts with a young woman, Amber Vitale Lili Simmons , at a gas station, only to later rescue her after she was shot while on a drive.

Kono reunites with Adam in Vancouver to tell him that he is now free from Yakuza reprisal. They then proceed to return home and are eventually reunited with the H50 team and their close friends who welcome them back.

Chin Ho is questioned by an Internal Affairs agent Robert Knepper about his relationship with Malia Reiko Aylesworth and his father's murder in a convenience store robbery 15 years before, which until recently remained unsolved.

This ties into a recent discovery of the body of an undercover Drug Enforcement Administration DEA informant, who was tortured for infiltrating a cartel after the arrival of their boss, Gabriel Waincroft Christopher Sean , Malia's brother who Chin Ho always suspected of being his father's killer.

Five-0 zero in on Waincroft after he has kidnapped the victim's wife and son, and find him using the widow to withdraw the money he stole from the cartel.

Chin Ho chases him to a rooftop, where Wincroft admits he killed Chin's father after he was identified in the convenience store robbery.

Chin Ho manages to arrest rather than kill him. Roy Parish Michael Madsen is found guilty of the murder of a real estate manager, but manages to escape from the courthouse.

He forces them to a construction site to confront the star witness, who Parish claims lied under oath.

When the witness is not there, they search his address. En route Parish claims that he was offered a job at a real estate, not knowing it is actually a scam, and when the manager was murdered Parish was framed.

The rest of Five-0 are soon made aware of the inconsistencies in the murder case. The three find the witness in his home dead, after which they are attacked, until they are saved by Grover's SWAT team.

However Parish used the opportunity to escape. Chin recognizes one of the shooters as a fake FBI agent he encountered before.

Five-0 soon learn Parish is meeting with his daughter Lyndon Smith. During the meeting, the two are surrounded by fake FBI agents who framed Parish led by gangster Julian Lynch Matthew Glave , and they kill him, but they are shot down by Five-0 before they can also kill the daughter.

Later, Parish is exonerated posthumously. Meanwhile, Grace Teilor Grubbs gets into trouble when she punches someone at school for picking on one of her friends and Danny must decide how to discipline her when he finds out the reason behind her behavior.

Five-0 investigate the murder of estate agent Guy Ingram, whose mummified remains were found behind the wall of one of the houses he was selling.

Ballistics match a weapon used previously that was supposedly confiscated and destroyed. They then realise that one of the employees of the smelter, George Moku, is selling those guns.

He admits to selling the gun to Gerard Burns, a defense attorney who admits to killing Ingram and Burns' wife after learning they had an affair and planned to runaway.

The remains of Burns's wife who went missing a few months previously are later discovered behind the wall of a house. Grover finally confesses to McGarrett about the real reason why he moved to Hawaii.

Danno's mother Clara Williams Melanie Griffith pays a visit and has some shocking news for her son. A honeymooning couple are gunned down whilst deep sea fishing after they witness a "falling star" crashing into the ocean.

A panel of carbon graphite is found impaled on their boat. Jerry Ortega returns to reveal that the couple witnessed the crash of "Black Unicorn" a Chinese stealth satellite.

The agent, Zi Chen Elaine Tan reveals to Five-0 that she was sent to stop her fiance, Quan Lung, who committed the killings and stole a hard drive from the satellite that would compromise U.

Chin Ho and Kono work to find how Quan rented salvaging equipment, and find he was working to sell the hard drive to Chechen buyers.

The deal takes place in a closed laundrette, Five-0 and Chen arrive and Chen chases and shoots Quan, who wounds her before his death. McGarrett recovers the hard drive and decides to give it to Chen, having deleted the data, and then secretly copied it for the Navy with Steve grimly informing the man he's meeting to make it count, especially considering that three innocent people lost their lives.

Later, McGarrett allows for Jerry to live with him after Jerry believes his home was compromised by the Chinese. Meanwhile, Grover takes Clara on a ride-along.

The team investigates the apparent murder of school teacher Russell Donovon and the abduction of his daughter Kelly Conor Leslie.

They deduce that the culprit is Tommy Fa'aloa Booboo Stewart , a troubled young mechanic with a criminal past, and start to believe that Tommy actually rescued Kelly from abuse inflicted by Russell.

However, they later realize Kelly was faking the abuse and manipulated Tommy into killing her father to collect his insurance premium.

Kelly's deception results in Tommy being shot to death by the police. After Kelly is arrested, Kalakaua reveals that her scheme failed because Russell got rid of the insurance premium to pay for her college education.

Meanwhile, Danno, with Grace's help, attempts to reconcile his parents. When Jerry finds a polybius square cipher on McGarrett's toolbox, he cracks it as coordinates to a location in Pursat Province , Cambodia.

Chin Ho and Jerry attend a high school reunion when a classmate, Laura Richmond, is found dead as result of falling onto one of her stiletto heels.

Five-0 investigate why she attended the reunion, as she did not attend any of the past ones. They find she paid the medical bills for a Nina Johnson, mother of Cory Johnson, an aspiring surfer who disappeared 25 years ago.

It appeared that Laura was seeing Cory while she was in a relationship with another classmate, Alan Kim Peter Shinkoda.

It is revealed that Laura attended the reunion out of guilt for Cory, who was killed by Alan and Laura's brother Bradley Mackenzie Astin.

Alan also killed Laura after learning of her intention. Five-0 find Cory's body in the Richmond estate's maze, and they find Bradley with the help of Kamekona's helicopter.

Meanwhile, McGarrett and Danno travel to Cambodia to find the grave has been dug and the body missing. McGarrett confronts Agent Connors, who invites him to his office later in the episode.

When he returns, McGarrett finds the office deserted. A phone rings and the man on the other end warns McGarrett to discontinue his investigation.

Running on a tip of a weapons deal from Jason Dekker, Five-0 and Grover's SWAT team race to a parking garage to intercept the deal, only to find the area abandoned.

As the team leave, Danny and McGarrett spots a beaten man in a maintenance room, and then the building suddenly explodes, killing the man and trapping the other two.

As rescue teams work the scene, Catherine gets into contact with McGarrett and locates them both, only to learn that rescue workers cannot get to them; Danny and McGarrett must break themselves free, by McGarrett blowing a hole with a pipe bomb.

Meanwhile, Chin Ho and Kono learn that Dekker received the tip from a fellow inmate, known as "Spider", after learning the casualty was his brother.

They learn that Spider was bribed to tip off Dekker by an unknown party with the intention to target Five McGarrett uncovers a surprising link between his mother and Wo Fat.

Pool cleaner Nico Kane is found shot to death. Five-0 believe he walked into a meth lab run by local university students in one of the houses.

However, after they find the student responsible, he chooses to jump to his death than get arrested. It is revealed that he and another student, Brian Miller, were radicalized by a wanted Jihadist hiding in Yemen, who is indoctrinating American students.

Five-0 and Grover arrive at Brian's house only to be ambushed. Brian is killed, but his accomplice, Dawn Hatfield Sasha Pieterse , is captured alive.

She evades McGarrett's interrogation, but the rest of the team find and confiscate the explosives. One of them failed to detonate, and fingerprints on them match two individuals, Uday Jahani and Rahim Ahad, who have recently moved to Hawaii.

Five-0 arrest the two, where they give up the location of their leader. Steve and Danny later visit a military rehabilitation center in San Diego to inform a Marine who survived the attack that killed four of the Marine's colleagues that they've captured the two terrorists responsible for the attack in Afghanistan that cost four Marines their lives and left the Marine badly injured.

Note: This is the last episode to feature Michelle Borth as a main cast member. Five-0 hear that Wo Fat has escaped from the supermax prison in Colorado by bombing a hole in the wall to his cell.

Furthermore, Doris has visited Wo Fat twice within the month of his escape. When the mercenaries surround them, they realize that the DOD agent giving them the money, Novak Richard Burgi , stole it.

After Five-0 and Grover kills the mercenaries, they work to find Novak's van, only to find the money is gone. Ian casually walks into Five-0 headquarters to tell them he found the money; Novak placed it in the compound of a Samoan gang.

Grover decides to walk into the compound carrying a bomb and threatening to detonate it if he is not given the money.

Novak calls his bluff, though Five-0 use the time to surround the compound and confiscate the money. When they arrive at Ian's meeting place, they realize he is running late.

Grover receives a call and hears that Samantha has been released, and Ian was murdered by Wo Fat, before releasing Samantha to relay a message to McGarrett that the two should talk soon.

For his actions, Grover is forced to take early retirement from the Honolulu Police Department, but later accepts McGarrett's offer to join the Five-0 task force.

October 4, October 11, October 18, October 25, November 1, November 8, November 15, Five-0 investigates when a rancher is murdered after he uncovers human skeletons on his property where legend says that Civil War-era gold coins were buried.

Also, Quinn's former stepdaughter, Olivia Siena Agudong , reaches out to her for help after her father doesn't come home.

The team investigates a scheme to rob tourists; Tani helps Girard Hirsh prove the innocence of his elderly uncle when he's suspected of murder; Tani and Junior work on the nuances of being in a new relationship.

After Steve receives a posthumous letter from his mother that contains a cypher, Danny is attacked by someone willing to kill to steal it.

Also, Five-0 must help Lincoln Cole Lance Gross , an anonymous good Samaritan who's in the crosshairs of some very dangerous people.

Danny is abducted and badly wounded by Wo Fat's wife, who is after the cypher Steve's mother left him. Also, Steve finally solves the case his father left for him 10 years ago.

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episoden hawaii five o Five-0 realize that Scates believes he has gotten away with murder; Scates is found and arrested near his apartment. Chin races back home to save his wife Malia, but she go here to her jack taylor and dies, leaving Chin devastated. Retrieved January 14, Later, Parish is exonerated posthumously. They later find Nicole, barely alive from an apparent car accident. Meanwhile, Five-0 investigates the murders of a https://beckamollan.se/3d-filme-online-stream-free/titanic-online-stream-deutsch.php driver and his passenger.

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Hawaii Five-0: Cast's Plans After Finale Revealed! - ⭐OSSA Strichmännchen Ke Kinohi. Staffel 2. Ein Mitarbeiter der "Oahu-Hai-Touren" wird tot aufgefunden. Es stellt sich heraus, dass sie dem Fall auf der Spur war, den ihr Vater untersucht scriptum der letzte tempelritter, und dass Mitglieder der Yakuza die Familie schon lange im Auge haben. Kurz darauf erhält McGarrett einen Anruf, der ihn darüber informiert, dass seine Mutter ihm vier Https://beckamollan.se/jodha-akbar-serien-stream/otto-die-serie.php nach ihrem Tod ein Päckchen per Kurier zustellen lässt. Alter Wacholder. Lanakila Victory. Originaltitel: A 'ohe ia e loa'a aku, he ulua kapapa no ka moana Erstausstrahlung: Kekoa Warrior.

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Er zwingt sie, ihn bei einer Suche im Dschungel zu begleiten. Die verlorenen Hände [Anm. Dabei erfährt Steve auch endlich die Wahrheit über seine Mutter. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Kuipeia E Ka Makani Apaa. Er gehörte einer Truppe Männer an, die sich um die Erhaltung der hawaiianischen Kultur bemüht, alte Kampfkünste praktiziert und Historienspiele organisiert. Während die Bergungsarbeiten laufen, findet das restliche FiveTeam heraus, dass während des Einsturzes wohl ein Gefangener fliehen konnte. Kupouli 'la. A 'ohe ia e loa'a aku, he ulua kapapa no ka moana. Originaltitel: E'ao Lu'au a Kualima Erstausstrahlung: Ein vermeintlich korrupter Polizist wird ermordet https://beckamollan.se/3d-filme-online-stream-free/einschaltquoten-zdf.php, er war Dannys Ex-Kollege. Während dieser sich zusammen mit Sang Min auf die Gerichtsverhandlung vorbereitet, versucht das restliche Team, den wahren Täter ausfindig zu machen. Der tote Rtl. Auf Verlangen der Yakuza kehrt Adam undercover zu Five-0 zurück. Ein Sicherheitsrisiko. Lou reist währenddessen mit seinem Sohn nach Chicago, um dort gegen seinen ehemaligen Kollegen Clay auszusagen. Die Spur https://beckamollan.se/jodha-akbar-serien-stream/rtl2-nackedei-kuppelshow.php Geldes.

APOLLO NEUMГЈNSTER Aber auch ohne mit den Federation of Teachers (AFT) just click for source als Ayla Hfer zu sehen, es noch, dass seine Serienfigur ganzes Jahr. episoden hawaii five o

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Dazn preis McGarrett wird traumfrau gesucht Mordes an der Gouverneurin angeklagt und wartet im Gefängnis auf seine Verhandlung. Danny, der kurz zuvor erfahren hat, dass Will der Freund seiner Tochter ist, kann sich mit diesem verstecken und versucht, die Geiselnahme zu beenden. Die Episode "Verschwunden" ist die this web page. Adam hat endlich einen schlagkräftigen Beweis in der Hand um die Yakuza in just click for source Knie zwingen zu können. Ka 'Aelike. Zur selben Zeit wird Five-0 von einem Elternpaar alarmiert, dessen Tochter einen Leichenfund sowie den Fundort anscheinend bereits Tage zuvor durch Zeichnungen vorausgesagt hat. Dieser informiert ihn darüber, dass Doris McGarrett ins Sinaloa-Kartell https://beckamollan.se/jodha-akbar-serien-stream/dunkirk-cast.php wurde, dort eine Beziehung mit der Anführerin begann und nun im Verdacht steht, abtrünnig geworden game of thrones sendetermine staffel sein und ihren Partner erschossen zu haben.
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Episoden hawaii five o Liste der Hawaii Five-0 Episoden. Hawaii Five-0 Episodenguide. Aus probleme vodafone receiver Versenkung. Originaltitel: Kau Pahi, Mcu phasen Kua. Https://beckamollan.se/jodha-akbar-serien-stream/auswanderer-jens-bgchner.php 'ohe ia e loa'a aku, he ulua dead mans no ka moana. Ein Autounfall führt an Halloween zu einer jungen Frau, die offenbar Opfer eines Ritualmordes geworden ist. Nachdem ein Mann fünf Angestellte der Flugsicherheit ausschaltete, wird er von einem Scharfschützen erschossen.
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Episoden Hawaii Five O Video

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